Why You Need An Experienced Attorney By Your Side In Disciplinary Matters Before The Maryland Board of Social Examiners, Maryland Board of Nursing or Maryland Board of Physical Therapy Examiners

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We frequently represent Maryland practitioners who work throughout the state before the Maryland Board of Social Examiners, Maryland Board of Nursing, and the Maryland Board of Physical Therapy Examiners. The majority (but not all) of our clients come to us early on, typically shortly after the licensure board has made initial contact with the practitioner. Such contact is normally made by letter notifying the practitioner that a complaint has been filed with the particular board, and allowing the practitioner an opportunity to respond to the complaint and explain their side of the story. Optimally, this is the best time to contact us so that we can get control of the situation before things get too challenging!

We realize that receiving notification from the board that a complaint has been filed often affects the practitioner’s emotional well-being and physical health. Besides working toward resolving the underlying issue(s) of the complaint, it is important to have an attorney stand by your side during this trying process — someone who has the know-how and experience to deal with such an investigation and who is emotionally separated from the complaint. Having such representation can significantly reduce your stress level.

There are many “do’s and don’ts” when it comes to dealing with the licensure boards. For one thing, it is imperative to inform the board that the practitioner is taking the situation extremely seriously (even if there is complete disagreement with the facts asserted in the complaint). Hiring an attorney to represent you through this arduous and often tasking ordeal shows the board that the practitioner is, in fact, taking the complaint in a serious manner that it should be taken.

We are excited to share that today, before one of the above-mentioned boards, we successfully negotiated a highly favorable settlement for a client who, among other things, was being recommended for a formal reprimand. This practitioner’s stressful journey before the board ended today allowing our client to move onto challenges that do not involve the threat of their license and livelihood.

Before you try to tackle one of the licensure boards on your own, contact us for a consultation. We are eager to listen and want to help every practitioner who calls us, whether they have just been contacted by the board or are only worried that they might soon be contacted by the board.

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