Are Employers Really Still Treating Their Employees So Badly?

Well, I cannot really make a generalization about the way that employers treat employees, but what I can comment on is the fact that since I opened my law practice eight years ago, focusing on helping individual employees who have been sexually harassed, subjected to racial, religious, gender or age discrimination, wrongfully terminated, trapped by unreasonable non-compete and non-solicitation agreements, denied unemployment based on false allegations of misconduct, and on and on and on, we have received more than 21,500 intake forms by individuals looking to retain counsel!  21,500! That’s a large town (or a small city) worth of people who believed, rightly or wrongly, that they were mistreated or treated unlawfully by their current or former employers. If only employers would treat their employees — even those employees that they don’t like or want to leave — with dignity and respect, maybe my job would be a little bit easier. Alas, that has not happened and does not appear likely to happen anytime soon. So, I think my job is pretty safe...
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