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  • Smart , Honest & Straightforward
    Andrew was referred to me by a friend and former fellow employee. This was the best call I made in 2020. Andrew and his paralegal did a great job keeping me posted through out My case. They were professional , smart and compassionate. I highly recommend calling Andrew,

    - George

    Woodstock, MD
  • Extremely happy with the outcome
    I have utilized Andrew Dansicker's legal expertise and counsel on a number of occasions. He truly listens and is very upfront, trustworthy and fair. He is very knowledgeable and discusses all possible outcomes thoroughly. His associate, Andreas Lundstedt , also represented me in a case with a former employer who reneged on an agreement. I was extremely happy with the outcome and feel we would have not prevailed if wasn't for his expertise and guidance. They have been very responsive to my concerns and questions and I have always been extremely satisfied with the results. I have recommended them to friends and colleagues who needed an employment attorney. I would highly recommend Andrew and his services to anyone needing employment legal counsel. He and his staff have consistently achieved very positive results. They are excellent, responsive and trustworthy - you will not be disappointed!

    - Mark S

    Chevy Chase, MD
  • thank you for everything
    in 2018 I had some problems at work. I paid mr. dansickers consultation fee. he gave me straight forward guidance. he pleasantly answered all my questions. most important was the great information he provided. " the info only a knowledgeable professional can provide." last week I had a very disturbing experience at work. mr dansicker again was excellent with his suggestions for me. I strongly recommend him if you have work issues.

    - michael elinoff

    baltimore, MD
  • Exceptional, Talented Employment Legal Partner, Honest, & Highly Recommended
    Andrew came highly recommended to me and at once he was engaged, honest, very knowledgeable about Maryland employment law and helped educate me about the law so that we could choose the right course of action. He is one of the finest professionals I have worked with in the legal field. He took the time to summarize our first discussion together and clearly outlined our next steps the next day. He worked tirelessly for me and my rights. He even took the time to help me during a personal emergency of his and went the extra mile for my case. I highly recommend Andrew as he will provide you with the truth, he has integrity, and will work for you and your rights. Andrew is a rare professional who cares about you and you can feel his sincerity and honesty from the first meeting. Thank you for all of your work for me Andrew and for your professional team in the office! You truly get the job done for you clients!

    - Wendy

    Baltimore, MD
  • A "people's" lawyer you should hire
    I hired Andrew Dansicker based on online reviews and am glad I hired him. He is incredibly personable, an outstanding communicator - both in listening and providing his thoughts on solution, a focused professional and unbelievably fair. He is the lawyer a regular person wants to hire, normal conversation to get you to what you are trying to accomplish and then finding the optimal resolution. I would 100% use his services again if ever needed and would tell those in search of these services to look no further. Thank you Andrew.

    - Tom K

    Ellicott City, MD
  • Experienced, Competent, Polite & Professional
    Without a shadow of a doubt, I can honestly say that I have never met a more experienced, competent, polite, professional person in my life much less an attorney. In fact, when I needed an attorney with whom to consult, I probably contacted every attorney organization on the web, every list of attorneys from as many sources as I could find and not one attorney would assist me. I contacted at least 75 attorneys and all wanted a huge retainer for their services which I could not afford at the time. Some of the attorneys that I contacted wanted a $30,000 retainer to take my case. However, the only attorney to call me back, consult with me free of charge, give me an honest opinion on my case, and agree to represent me on a contingency basis was Mr. Dansicker. He worked with me on finances and never once demanded any money from me. He never promised me a win in my case but promised to do the best job he could for me which he did. There is no doubt I would HIGHLY recommend him to all of my family and friends and have nothing but the highest accolades for his assistance and professionalism. He is an outstanding attorney and I am positive you will be hard-pressed to find anyone better to represent you and work with you financially. What a wonderful person. I cannot say enough good things about Mr. Dansicker. He truly is a rarity in the legal profession. Mr. Dansicker, thank you for everything and I am positive I could have never found anyone better to represent me.

    - Gary P.

  • Professional, Responsive & Got the Job Done
    I met with Andrew thinking that I had a clear cut case. He took the time to educate me on the law, the potential outcome and the process so that I could make the right decision. I chose to hire Andrew and never regretted it. He was always in communication with me, he was realistic in managing my expectations and at the end of the day, he got the job done. I highly recommend his services if you are looking for a labor law expert and someone who is responsive, extremely professional and a pleasure to deal with.

    - Alana T.

  • Honest & Straightforward
    Andrew helped me get through a difficult termination issue. He fought hard for me but was honest & straightforward about my limited chances to succeed. To my surprise, he was able to negotiate a much better resolution than I had expected and helped me move on to a new start. Make this the first call in your new career.

    - Client

  • Will Fight For Your Rights
    First, I reviewed Mr. Dansicker's profile and I loved it. Mr. Dansicker represented me for a Discrimination case and I felt very confident in him. He will fight for your rights and he got my job back with benefits and I got a small settlement. If you ever need a GOOD lawyer, look no further. He's outspoken and doesn't mind speaking up for you.  He's a man that understands the law. Thanks, Mr. Dansicker! You're the best.

    - Patricia

  • Caring, Brilliant & Honest

    I actually think I was lucky to find a lawyer like him. Before I met Andrew Dansicker, my view of lawyers was as follows: I don't like nor trust most lawyers. I think they are the major problem in the universe and the US. I think they are the reason for the issues in government and healthcare. With that being said, this man sort of changed my mind and thought process regarding lawyers.

    I have required his services over the last 1.5 years. Over that time, I have found him to be: honest, trustworthy punctual, hard-working, outstanding knowledge base, a great experience and gives outstanding advice. Advice is not always what you want to hear, but he gives advice that you need to hear as well (like this is not a legal issue or you don't have a case in this regard). He was honest, straight forward and worked from his heart as well as his mind.

    He was trust worthy. He helped me deal with issues that most lawyers would not have and did turn and run from. He gave me not only great advice but wasn't afraid of dealing with and had the clear experience to deal with fighting big employers and corporations, even hospitals and universities that are supposedly number in the country. I thank him for helping obtain peace of mind and stopping others from harassing and maligning my name. He was so good that I went back to him to help me understand my new contract and employment.

    - Dr J.

  • Timely, Fair & Personable
    I can't say enough good things about the quality of service that Andrew provides. He is very timely, fair, and personable in his practice. His advice is always straight forward and measured. I highly recommend reaching out to Andrew's office.

    - William Z.

  • Highly Knowledgeable
    Other than being highly knowledgeable in labor law, Andrew was able to guide me through the process of transitioning from one employer to the next. Andrew also familiarized me with what my rights are and what I’m entitled to when I left my employer. I would highly recommend Andrew to anyone who is looking for a serious lawyer that will get the job done.

    - Fahad K.

  • Honest & Highly Respected
    My experience working with Andrew Dansicker was great. If anyone you know whose rights as an employee are being threatened please refer them to his office. He is an honest and highly respected attorney. Thanks again Mr. Dansicker and team!

    - Matthew C.

  • Highly Recommend
    It's quite rare to find a lawyer that sincerely cares about your best interest. However, Andrew truly resets the stereotype that anyone might have had towards an employment lawyer. He graciously shared his knowledge of the law regarding my circumstances and explained the legal journey before me. This only validated my initial impression of him. He gave me the confidence I needed to be as prepared as possible. His price, attitude and easy to access work ethic made this process smooth.

    - Tolya C.

  • Honest, Up-Front & Generous
    Dansicker helped me with exactly what I needed and went the extra mile to meet my needs.

    - Audrey

  • Brilliant & Very Aggressive
    I was represented by Mr. Dansicker in an unemployment case that my former employer contested. He was brilliant and very aggressive at the hearing with the district manager that showed up to represent the employer. Needless to say we won and the employer lost the remaining appeal. Thanks again very much.

    - Client

  • Graciously Shared His Knowledge
    It's quite rare to find a lawyer that sincerely cares about your best interest. However, Andrew truly resets the stereotype that anyone might have had towards an employment lawyer. He graciously shared his knowledge of the law regarding my circumstances and explained the legal journey before me. This only validated my initial impression of him. He gave me the confidence I needed to be as prepared as possible. His price, attitude and easy to access work ethic made this process smooth.

    - Client

  • Efficient and Responsive
    Andrew was knowledgable and straight up honest in terms of my severance. He managed to get my bonus which had been denied and other compensation. It was completed in a timely manner and afforded me the ability to bring to task my former employer, who after 25 years of loyal service had eliminated my position. More women should seek out Andrew's assistance.

    - Joann P.

    Hunt Valley, MD