Handling Administrative Hearings For Federal, State and Local Employees in Baltimore and Maryland

Business meeting with scales of justice on book

In the past six months, we have started expanding our employment law practice to represent federal, state and local government employees in administrative hearings, typically terminations, demotions or disciplinary actions, such as suspensions. We successfully represented a client through an internal Social Security Administration administrative appeal concerning serious disciplinary charges relating to alleged sexual harassment of a coworker.

We also successfully represented a federal employee with more than 20 years of experience who was improperly discharged — he was reinstated, his record was cleared of any wrong-doing, he was transferred to a more desirable location, and his attorneys’ fees and costs were reimbursed. Finally, we have assisted several nurses in investigations before the Maryland Board of Nursing. In one particularly compelling case where very serious charges of sexual misconduct were brought against a nurse that could have resulted in license revocation, we were able to successfully negotiate charges to a reprimand.

If you are a teacher, a nurse, an administrator, or any other type of government employee, and you are facing an administrative hearing at the Office of Administrative Hearings or with an internal board or panel, give us a call so we can discuss your case.

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