Summary Of Three New Cases We Recently Filed In Federal Court In Baltimore, Maryland

Business meeting with scales of justice on book

After not filing any federal lawsuits in nearly a year, we have filed three federal complaints in the past few weeks, all concerning different areas of employment law. The first case was filed suit on behalf of a single mother who was fired from her job as a department manager at Sears after reporting that several of her employees were subjected to blatant sexual harassment by a higher-level manager. Soon after she complained, she was told to mind her own business by the store manager, and then she was written up for petty or phony reasons several times before being fired for false reasons. Even though she was not sexually harassed, she is pursuing a retaliation claim against Sears for harassing her and firing her in retaliation for her reporting sexual harassment.

The second case was filed on behalf of a gentleman who was working as a driver for Federal Express but was not paid any wages or overtime for the time he spent preparing to make deliveries before and after his shift. Then, when he complained to his manager about not being paid, his employment was terminated for no reason.

Finally, we filed a disability discrimination case against the Baltimore City Fire Department on behalf of a young woman who suffers from a rare bone condition that caused one of her legs to be shorter than the other leg. Despite the fact that she walks with a limp, she passed the extremely challenging physical agility test and was hired to be a firefighter. However, shortly before she was to start at the fire academy, she was informed that her hiring had been “a mistake” and therefore her employment was terminated. She later learned that the Fire Chief, when reviewing the new hires in an upper-level management meeting, referred to her as a “cripple” and instructed the human resources director to terminate her employment.

Each of these cases presents its own challenges, both factual and legal, but the diversity of issues and clients shows the breadth of the employment law practice that we are pursuing at the Law Office of Andrew M. Dansicker, LLC.

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