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Our jobs frequently define who we are, provide us with a sense of self-worth and give us a sense of value in our lives. Perhaps that is why being unfairly fired from a job, or being mistreated by an employer, or being discriminated against or harassed by a supervisor or coworker, often leads to anger, frustration and depression. Unfortunately, being treated unfairly or wrongly is not against the law; however, if you have been subjected to job discrimination or sexual harassment, if you have not been allowed to take family or medical leave or been fired because you took leave, if you are not being paid wages, overtime, bonuses or commissions you are entitled to, if your employment contract is not being honored, if you are not being provided with reasonable accommodations for a medical condition, then you need an aggressive, intelligent, effective Baltimore employment discrimination attorney who is willing to fight for your rights and will be responsive to your needs.

That is the fundamental goal and promise of the Law Office of Andrew M. Dansicker, LLC. Call us today at 410-771-5668 or contact us online to find out how we can help.

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  • We have for many years represented individuals in Maryland who have been denied unemployment benefits (or where the employer filed an appeal). Many people do not understand the appeals process but call us to help them. An initial determination by a DLLR claims adjudicator can be appealed to the Lower Appeals Department where, traditionally, an…
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