Employment Contracts

Employment contracts are legally binding documents that define the terms, conditions and privileges of your employment.  Before signing a legally binding employment contract, it is always important to seek legal advice.  We can help evaluate your employment contract, determine its legal implications, and take advantage of any potential leverage you may have to negotiate a more favorable contract that contains terms that are less restrictive to you.

Seemingly simple or unimportant provisions can have a profound effect upon your term of employment and thereafter should you leave.  For example, many employment contracts have draconian clauses which restrict your ability to work or compete with your employer in the future.  Other employment contracts do not adequately set forth the reasons for which your employer can terminate your employment.

Andrew Dansicker has evaluated dozens of employment contracts for numerous clients, including both employees and employers, so he can provide you with strategic and intelligent guidance concerning the existence or absence of particular terms and conditions that will help you protect their rights, and negotiate a fair and reasonable employment contract.  This advice and counseling may be necessary at the beginning of your job, when he can analyze and negotiate your employment contracts and noncompetition agreement, and at the end of your employment, when he can advise you about a severance agreement or about the impact of any noncompete agreement you may have signed.

Mr. Dansicker has extensive experience analyzing employment contracts and non-compete agreements, and he has litigated these types of cases at the state, federal and administrative levels.  Consequently, if you have questions concerning an employment contract or noncompete agreement, contact employment contract lawyer Andrew Dansicker at The Law Office of Andrew M. Dansicker online, or call 410-771-5668.  To reach Mr. Dansicker immediately please fill out the consultation form and he will return your email within 24 hours.