Age Discrimination

Few people realize that age discrimination is one of the fastest growing areas of employment discrimination. This is hardly surprising - as the workforce ages, employers frequently look for ways to shed expensive employees by replacing them with lower-paid, younger workers. If you believe that a younger or less experienced person was hired or promoted before you or improperly replaced you, you may be a victim of age discrimination.

The simple fact that an older worker is terminated and replaced with a younger employee does not mean you have been subjected to age discrimination, but the surrounding facts and circumstances may demonstrate the employer has acted illegally. Has your employer made any jokes or comments about your age or the age of the workforce? Do the younger workers get all the perks and promotions, while older ones are passed over? Are you held to a higher standard than the younger employees? If so, your company may be in violation of the law under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA).

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 (ADEA) was intended to protect workers over the age of 40 from being treated differently because of their age as related to younger employees. This applies in situations where a 25 year old is favored over a 45 year old, and where a 47 year old is favored over a 69 year old. The ADEA also applies to many different types of workplace decisions, including hiring, promotions, disciplinary actions and termination decisions. Thus, even a person who is denied a job can bring a claim under the ADEA.

The ADEA applies to employers who have 20 or more employees, but even companies with less than 20 employees may be subject to age discrimination claims under Maryland state law.

If you are considering filing a claim for age discrimination with the EEOC or the Maryland Commission for Human Rights, you must file the complaint within 300 days after the alleged act of discrimination.

Andrew Dansicker has extensive experience determining the likelihood of success of potential age discrimination cases. He has litigated age discrimination cases at state, federal and administrative levels, and will be a strong advocate on your behalf.

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